there comes a time

by joujaa

ladies and gentlemen, it has been 2 whole years of my life with this company. i graduated in ’09, by ’10 i was hired for a company which my dad helped grow and it is now a very well established corporation. but the time has come and i’m moving on..  i have to. i have to move on to the next chapter. i’ve gotten nothing accomplished for myself in the creative field. i feel like i haven’t gotten any closer to my DREAM. i have loved working at a company i feel so passionate about… however, i’m also ready to progress on with my life. i have tried out the corporate world. i have done a good.. perhaps, a great job. nonetheless, i’m also not meant for such a profession. why?! because i am an artist. my bones say so.

i need to be free. i need to do as i feel. i cannot be tied down to a strict schedule, and be stuck in an office during the best part of the day, and be bossed around; it feels like a waste of a life — it drives me craaazy!

if i don’t produce art, well then, i’m  m i s e r a b l e .  and everyone can see it. i can’t hide it. it is in my DNA to … create.

i just know with all my heart and soul that it is time to leave this office job (although i love the “idea” of working for a company i love and believe in), i also know when your intuition says RUN… you better do it!

life costs more.


was here.